Airdrop Info:

Join our exciting Monthly Airdrop program dedicated to $SUPERFLR token holders! A substantial 25% of the total supply, which equates to 20 billion $SUPERFLR, is set aside for this initiative. Our airdrops are aligned with Flaredrop dates and are scheduled to continue until January 2026.

How It Works:

- Snapshots: We will take three random snapshots each month to determine eligible participants.

- Distribution: Airdrops will be executed automatically, ensuring a smooth and efficient distribution directly to your wallet.


- The program is set to run for 22 months, starting from May 10th, 2024.

Distribution Details:

- Frequency: Tokens will be airdropped every 30 days, beginning on May 10th, 2024.

- Amount: There will be 21 distributions of 909 million $SUPERFLR each, culminating in a final distribution of 911 million $SUPERFLR in the 22nd month.